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Mission Field Preparations

The Basics | Start Here

Thank you for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration to join the Hope for Nicaragua Mission Team!  I look forward to serving with you in His mission field as we bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the beautiful people of Central America. 

       - Eric

Very Important!  A valid passport is required and must be in your possession on the days of travel.  Passports must be valid for 6 (six) months beyond our departure date.  Check now and if you do not have a valid passport, renew or apply for a new one as soon as possible.  Follow this link to apply or renew.

Complete the Mission Service Application.  We have moved to online applications through “Managed Missions”.  To get started, email Robin ( and Eric (  We will enter your name and email address into Managed Missions and you will receive a link to the online application which can also be used for future years.

Minors.  A notarized permission form will be required for minors under 18 to leave the United States when both parents are not traveling with the minor (see link below).  Be sure to have this form readily available during times of travel.

Mission Fee.  The team fee this year is $2,250 and we ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of application.  Please send and make all checks payable to:

Community of Grace Church
4343 South Flanders Street
Centennial, CO  80015
On the Memo Line: Nicaragua Mission Fund

We also have an online option using the "Give" button above.  Our online giving is through Community of Grace Church using the RebelGive service. Be sure to select the option for Nicaragua

Mission Trip Documents

Click The

Button To Open Document

All Field Team Members

Field Survival Guide

Packing Suggestion List

BMDMI Dress Code

BMDMI Code of Conduct

Evangelism Overview

Kitchen Overview

Typical Daily Schedule

Minors Travel Form

Medical Team Members

Helpful Hints from Dr. Carter

Medical Clinic Manual

Pharmacy Manual

RX Information

Dental Clinic Manual

Eyeglass Clinic Manual

Veterinary Clinic Manual

Professional Resume Template

Other Documents

Fundraising Ideas

Love Basket Fundraiser

Medical/Dental Invitation

Away From Team Release

Helpful information Links

BMDMI – Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International exists under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, disciple the saved, and minister to the needs of the poor.  Learn more at their website.

Passports –  A passport valid for at least six months beyond your planned travel date is required to travel to Nicaragua.  Visit the U.S. Department of State passport services site to learn more and to start your application.

TSA – Be sure to check here before you travel!  Look at the “Traveler Information” Section to see what you can and cannot pack, carry-on, how your liquids need to be stored etc.  This is important because you and the team can incur significant delays at airport security if you are not following the most current guidelines.

Evangecube – You may want to consider purchasing an “Evangecube”, especially if you are on the evangelism team.  This is a really powerful and compact tool for sharing the Gospel from creation to eternal salvation … all in five minutes or less!  The functional, folding design makes it compact and the graphics give a vivid picture story to reinforce what you are saying as you share the Gospel.  Instructions are included  and a video tutorial is available online.  Check out the website to see all their options; the “eCube-Classic” is all you need and the current list price is only 8 dollars.

Sharing The Gospel – Whether you use an Evangecube or not, watch this online video  demonstration of using the cube.  In its most simple, compact and complete form… this short video gives THE MESSAGE.  Store this message up in your heart by memorizing it as best you can and then, along with your personal testimony, you’ll have all the essential tools you need  for sharing the hope of eternal salvation with the beautiful people of Nicaragua.  And… all with no space required in your luggage!

Tracts – Looking for a handful of Spanish tracts  to take along or, just tracts for all sorts of occasions?  Visit Crossway where you can find a tract for virtually anyone with any interest – all at reasonable prices.

Weather – What’s the weather like in Nicaragua right now?  Look here to see the current conditions and upcoming forecast in the capital city of Managua.  Click here.

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